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Kaleidospace Mountains
Pick up and Go
Wake into the Cosmos
Portal Entry to Art=Mixx Supernova
Re-purposed Surfboards into art
Black Hole Bloom
Cosmic Explorers
Installation Art Mobile

Multimedia Immersive Experience Art Producer 

Amber Hickman -PC-KAR-TIKA
What does that mean?  ... 
  • Painting with aerosol and acrylics.
  • Digital Art - Computer Design and Drafting 
  • Installation Art and Building
  • Costume 
  • Mixed Media Sculpture
  • Multisensory and Interactive Designer
  • Event Producer 
  • Entrepreneur and Collaborator
  • Immersive Experience Director / Space Making - to create an environment that can be experienced from the inside. 

Art Director / Producer

         "2020, LIMITLESS!   Really, whoever thought we would be living in a world where we are right now? This year proves life can be so many things.  I stand in creative potential that every day we are alive is another opportunity to then create something even more unbelievable.  Creative arts to promote health and wellness is continuously ours."
                                                          -  Amber Cara Hickman