Amber Cara Hickman

Lahaina, Hawaii


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Amber Cara


Inspiration comes from many different places-- daily experiences, dreams, visions....  Amber continues to evolve and shift as an artist.   


The daughter of a professional fine artist raised on the North Shore of Oahu Hawai`i, there was never a point that art was not a part of her life.  Amber's natural talent was fostered by her mother's training and guidance in oil painting and sketching, and later, sculpture, pottery, wire sculpture were mediums she reached out to explore.  She eventually developed specific interest in mechanical engineering, architecture, and graphic arts, and has received a degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design.  Amber continued her training as a mechanical designer, where her creative efforts manifested into the physical creation of mechanical components.   She continues to use her computer & art skills as an element in her multi-media art world. 


Continuing to learn and express in different art modalities; there are no limits to what Amber will engage in.  Her focus is evolving and exploring large installation art pieces, multi-sensory and multi-media experiences. 

Amber moved to Maui Hawaii at the end of 2014 from San Francisco Bay Area where she developed her style and love for installation art and collaborating.  In Maui, Amber is continuing to enhance her craft and put all of her skills to use while exploring both multi-dimensional multimedia art and creating an art culture on Maui that is inclusive and dynamic to all mediums through her business venture, Maui Art Life LLC.  Motivated and inspired to promote a healthy community through creative evolution and focused efforts  on environmentally conscious solutions, Amber is dedicated to exploring a visionary creative approach to a new "norm".

"Art is everywhere and in everything.  We could all understand ourselves better by allowing the creative energy to flow freely and learn its language"

Art Director / Producer

Event 02/02019

Art=Mixx ECO-Evolution

Produced in part by Amber Cara Hickman including collaborative Installations under Maui Art Life LLC. 

Event 06/2018: Art=Mixx - Supernova 

Art Directors Amber Cara Hickman and Athena Medina