Amber Cara Hickman

Artist Statement 2018

Art is the vessel that allows me to connect to my "whole" self in a way that is very personal and spiritual.  I do it because every moment I spend in the state of pure creation seems to give birth to more than just an object of expression.  More understanding of myself, more collective information about our experience here in this world and in our dream worlds.  I do not feel I have a "style" but more of an outlook. I use different techniques and materials depending on the moment when the creation takes place, it changes, as life does.  


The underlying messages that I experience when I create come from a collective space of love and inspiration.  To see inspiration in life, in each moment.  To find gratitude in the whole process and incorporating "mistakes" as part of the journey.  I hope to inspire people from the root of who we all are.  Bringing metaphysical and physical experiences to life so we can acknowledge them and see them, and feel them.  


I believe that in moments of creation, each piece is infused with the frequency of those emotions and intentions.  I believe others can in turn, pick up on those metaphysical tones and experience it within themselves.  I love being able to validate our ability to feel those extra vibrations through a sense that is not of sight or sound.  We are creating on all levels.  Feel the experience of each piece of art and you will find your ability to tune in.  Feel you personal experience and you will find the ability to experience life as the creator. 

This year my growth and development as brought me to further expansion.  Bringing this belief into a physical experience through multi-media, multi-sensory installation pieces.  Art is the vessel that allows us all to speak a language of the subconscious and bring it all to the surface.   So, lets paint the town!

Black Hole Bloom.JPG
Portal Entry- Installation Piece (Collaboration with Athena Medina)
Cellophane Supernova and Cosmic Explorers -  2018 Installation
Black Hole Bloom - 24" x 36"
Acrylic on Wood Panel - 18" x 6"
Creator Moods  - 18" x 18
Wake Into the Cosmos  - 12" x 24"