Seahorse Lantern

Also lovingly called, our "Aquatic Steed Lantern" !!  

A Beautiful piece constructed of 6 total Seahorses that stand 7 ft tall, with the topper adding another 4-5ft.  12ft across the longest length.  Illuminated internally to give any space a tranquil vibe.  With 6 hand painted fabric murals that can be changed to display any art.  

C0-created with Athena Medina


Portal Entry

Entry into 2018 Art=Mixx Supernova!  Installation piece that requires same day set-up and break down!  Illuminated in various color combinations speeds creating a dynamic and inspiring ​experience that thousands of people have been able to enjoy.

Available for Event Rentals on the Island of Maui. 

Starting at $ 500.00 for Event including set up and Break down. 


Space Ships

Yes, we also made a space ship!

Complete team effort on all angles to get this beauty to grace us with its presence.  Memories of this moment will live on forever!!

"When the spaceship landed mid-stage, lights going galactic, and then the explorer stepped out in an epic entrance!  Yes!"