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Here we go!


Going through life can be so fascinating in various ways.

Sometimes, you dont realize that those last few moves you made were the start of something new, until you realize you are already in the middle of a new cycle of life.

On May 1st, my family and I did a 3 day juice cleanse. and 2 weeks of a healthy, conscious diet. Although we have all done things like this on an individual level, it was a group effort this time and a bit more educational as you would hope. As we move forward other changes start to slowly appear. For me, I dont know what that means or what they look like... but wait... why am I blogging?? Well, Cheers to going with the flow and doing what feels right from a heartfelt inspired place that supports the health and wellbeing of your "being-ness". It seems I create some of the best things this way.

I think the first step is physical health and wellness. The foundation of grounding ourselves into this space. In addition to giving ourselves the best support for a clear mind and steadier chemistry / emotions. The intention is to do a deep clean of the body. .. Eat right.. look at what you eat, or drink. Set a goal.

After we had gone through the dietary cleanse, I found myself more motivated to go to the next level. Getting my finances in order as much as possible. Get new painting supplies that I had been holding off on. Continue with healthy eating habbits, and now create some healthy habits in the home. Including getting a massage. (Dont forget to pamper yourself) .. Cleaning the house. Re-organizing. Treating our living environment with the same respect that I am trying to show my physical self.

... Then realizing... "wait a minute!... Am I about to go through a life change?, This is usually how it starts!"

Yup, now Im blogging.

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