Painting the Day

I think about painting everyday, but lately I am not inspired to put those thoughts into action.

Inspiration seems to come on it's own time. Sometimes I can ignite the flame by just sitting down and get some paint on a brush, and just go nutts. .. but othertimes, I am not quite connected to it.

I try to be conscious about keeping my art flowing with inspiration, and not to create just for the sake of living up to a standard that doesn't align with my own flow in life. I recognize that we get better with practice and sometimes fundamental practice can be employed in times when inspired ideas are lacking. I think this concept is carried over into any form of creation. Just as in creating the life you want.

I sometimes get overwhelmed with the options and colors available to paint a potential masterpiece. Just as in life, painting my life, I can sometimes get overwhelmed with all the great things I want, or could create. To spend time with family, to be social and have time with friends. To travel, to build my own house, to cultivate the land and garden. To be an artist, to be a massage therapist, to have classes, to take classes. To meditate, to connect, to go swimming everyday, to go hiking. To make lots of money so I can buy unending list of things. To go left, to go right. ... oh, and, I want to do it all, everyday... !

Too many options, not enough time, or energy. I wish I could be doing 5 things at once just so I can accomplish all my goals before I die!! But what should I do first?

Creativity is endless in how we want to paint our day, or our lives. Painting is the same way, endless mediums, colors, styles, images, emotioins... Inspiration is the key that gives me direction. Without it, I find myself flipping through a mental catalogue where all is equal and it all just starts blurring together.

So, I decide to keep it simple. Hang out with my family. Continue eating healthy and getting that massage to quiet the mind. With so many ideas and options and no true direction, I am finding this is the best time to quite the mind and calabrate the spirit. Comfort thyself, love thyself. Painting this day with relaxation.

To be open to receiving inspiration by not being so worried about the energy I am putting out. Balancing the Feminine and the Masculine. Answer that unexpected phone call, cleaning the house, soaking up the sun, enjoying the day as it is. Maybe it is just a day off in preperation for greater things to come. (?)

Maybe today I am painting my day with a hot stone massage and some beach time (right after this blog). What a beautiful life it is.

How will you paint your day?

Hot Stone Massage

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