Expanding into the abundance that I AM.

Along the path, I stop and wonder, when will I get to the "next level". I think about the things I want, and visualize the type of person I see myself as with all the abundance I desire in skill and life. Then, as the law of attraction seems to bring in opportunities and leading engagements to my door step. Sometimes they feel like they knock down the door and stomp in to my inner world before I had a chance to realize what was happening. I find my internal process is to want to see and understand these opportunities and make the best decision. But Destiny does not wait for our consciousness to understand. I have found that this "next level" is an occasion to rise to. Yet, if we are not grounded to allow this energy to flow through us and ride that tide, I find myself struggling. The internal struggle is trying to wrap consciousness around all that is happening in order to let it in, yet this brings in blockages of the naturally unfolding inner universe as it reflects outwardly. .. Oh the struggle is real. ! I am expanding into more skill, more patience, more balance, but sometimes when I stop to look too closely at all that I am experiencing, it hinders the growth and the natural flow.


*Flow with the natural order*

*Allow the heart to lead in gratitude*



*breath* *Expand*

Amber Cara

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