The Collection and the Collective

As life unfolds.

I am humbled and feel so blessed to have been selected to hang my art at Whalers Village (Lululemon Retail Store) on Maui! What an amazing time for me on my journey. Every little step I take forward brings with it the inner growth and some discomfort as I stand in this place that was set out for me.

This gift of art is so amazing because, from the inside, I do not feel it is "mine". I feel I was given the opportunity to be the conduit to allow such colors and visions to explode out into the material world. I feel I have been blessed with this responsibility to represent this content and the messages that come through with each piece. I do not feel it is "mine" as an individual. I feel it is "ours" as a whole. That I am in cooperation of all that is, the beauty, the magnificence of our culture and society wanting to express in color and love.

With these thoughts and feelings, I look at the collection of art that has been created for this space and I wonder, what is the overall message that is being expressed. Yes, each piece has its own story, its own life, but as a whole, I see another aspect of this art. Collectively I believe they speak to us all, that we are all beautiful. That all is beautiful and connected. That we are doing good here in life when we see recognize all the beauty that IS already available to us. When we feel inspired. When we feel connected to life. When we share that love and inspiration with each other, we are succeeding. And in that love and inspiration we come together and illuminate this world as we were meant to. Keep up the good work everyone. We are all in this together. May we all feel blessed.

Aloha Nui Loa.

Amber Cara

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