Connecting with your Tribe


As I move forward in time, I recognize the many streams of information that we maneuver through on a daily basis. The world is swirling with all kinds of social shredding of the way we once were. The way we thought we were. Slowly we shift into a new generation, a new everything, down to how I spend my moments. Each moment is new, and change seems to happen over time, through countless moments of choosing differently. With the recognition of all that is coming and going, I find fundamental threads of commonality that connects me to another. I find those connections and choose to feed those connections, light them up, and make them stronger. There are so many beautiful people that reflect and teach me about how I can better uphold the values we share.

I am sure we all experience varying degrees of common threads, and one of those, is that all spiritual journeys begins with the Self. Our personal relationship with ourselves. What we feel is our truth. Upon gaining a deeper connection with myself and what it means to feel aligned. I practice taking personal responsibility for my actions, reactions, and interactions. I find connection with myself first, and having daily intention to process what I need to, and then realign with my overall truth of love and gratitude for each breath I take. From this point of solidarity with self, I started to see how my family so closely reflects exactly who I am and how I became. I learn to love myself further by loving the good and the uncomfortable in my family relationships. As I maneuver through that circle of family that is bigger than self, I am humbled, and again, gain a deeper understanding of our connections of family.

Feeling the connections and lessons of our heritage in our immediate family flaws and strengths, I realize that my circle of love and understanding grows. The family is the self. Loving all of the self includes loving the family as the Self.

I then start to see the community I live in as the family of the self. Seeing our connections and discords which present interesting opportunities to further find common ground. In some way or another I find a connection. A common thread. I see and feel my space expanding to include more and more. Now the community is Self. We already have an abundance of separation and individuality. I find that I am focused on finding our common threads that are too strong to break by disagreements. The fundamental truths of love and respect and honor in the family. To hold on to our overall need for community support, growth and evolution for all generations. Life gets more and more colorful when we come together. We become stronger. I never quite understood this concept as I do now. When I see and feel all the beautiful spirits that relate to me in a way that is so personal, there is no separation.

My art reflects WE, and we reflection creation and love.

Thank you for being my family.


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