"We did a festival!" The words that have become the mantra for what has now passed.

Every journey begins with the present moment. In this moment I am a seed of gratefulness firmly planted and sleeping within the soil of my alignment. I rest.

I have just taken a trip out into space, into the Cosmos, and as I rub my sleepy third eye and begin to awaken from my rest, I can now reflect.

Cosmos Festival Maui. What a journey. 4 of us on Command Center duty, producing an Island wide, multi-media, multi-sensory festival. Approx 20 events in 5 weeks inclusive of Art decor for Schaeffer International Gallery at MACC, a play at the Historic Iao Theater, Themed parties, kids events and Art=Mixx Supernova!!

There are not enough words to describe the amount of work that we all did. I am still astonished. I feel like I truly took a journey out into an unknown dimension and completed the mission!! Constant motion. From Astronauts, Aliens, robots, spaceships, portals and much much more.


I now feel different. A new evolutionary step within the inner and outer artistic expression. A shape-shifting event. Transformation. I rest. I wait. I feel the cells moving into their new arrangement. The journey is mine. I am the captain of my ship. I rest. I recharge. I plan. I detox. I emerge.

...The ideas are abundant. Inspiration is never ending. I start from my resting point and will charge away at all the opportunities live has to offer. This is the end of one chapter, but the beginning of the next. I intuit that this new chapter will be more than I could have ever previously imagined. The magic of life through art is endless.

Be endless.

Be infinite.

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