Momentum forward, Maui Art Life

At the start of the year, naturally reflecting back to 2018, I realized how much evolution we had just experienced. It was exciting and astonishing. The connections and projects...!! Wow! Now looking forward, our schedules are already full of fun new endeavors! I am feeling grateful for that reality and have an immense amount of drive and motivation to see how far this could go! How far can I take it? Each inspiration I encounter is followed by opportunity and learning. I am a student of the universe and relish in the magic of the unfolding. It is so delicious.

Right away, Jan 1st 2019 I registered Maui Art Life LLC. It was without hesitation, a name that started as a simple hastag #MauiArtLife something we were already living and doing every day. It made more sense as a "we" than a "me" . With that said I want honor all the work we are doing, as individual artists, and together. My personal work is such a spectrum of different mediums, and adding my fellow artisans around me, it is such a big tool set. Maui is a beautiful community and we are all centered at wanting to honor life and support each other. It made sense to create a platform that can help support all of our highest goods, through art, for the Maui, Hawaii. Earth. I dont have all the answers on how this is supposed to work, but I am more than confident that all of the answers and unlimited styles are right within our grasp.

We just finished ECO-Evolution Art=Mixx, which was amazing! This event really helped us to become more aware of our plastic problems in the world. We went into it with conscious intention, and learning more and more about the realities of our pollution issues and lack of awareness. We brought this forth in celebration of our spiritual understandings and togetherness that we are willing to look at this and make changes. The art we created was a conscious discussion on how we can change how we look our materials and consumerism.

One step in front of the other. One task at a time. TONS of ideas floating withing the grasp of my consciousness, waiting at the door for me to let them in. I am so excited to entertain all of the ideas that flow through us. It is a lifestyle that feeds the spirit. I let the inspiration of the art guide us into creative solutions to become more sustainable as a culture and as an artist.

So, here we go. Making Art, with Artists, in Maui as a lifestyle.

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