Quarantine Evolution

Here we are, feeling the pressures of society breakdown. Chaos.

As an artists, lock down and quarantine was the easy part. I work hard to stay motivated and persistent on continuously filling my day with value. If I am going to be lazy, be sure to eat healthy or stretch, or brainstorm and design new ideas... yes, that is lazy, but valuable day. Keep it simple and light, and know there is always something to do. I moved all of my tools to my home and was able to attack inspired fun projects instead of the "work" projects. It was great! I had saved enough and felt good in keeping myself calm and feeling secure with my situation. I practiced mindfulness and creation. The fun, wacky, experiments included with some apocalyptic gardening was exactly what I needed to push me into being a more conscious creator. This has always been my goal, and this was the opportunity to dig in. Literally.

In my design journals throughout the years, I have TONS of garden art sculptures and yard and home layouts for my retreat center design ideas. I have read and self-studied my way into learning about aquaponics throughout the years and used that knowledge to design systems that were added to very elaborate 3D art sculptures. BIG. Sometimes whole buildings and cityscapes. The ideas grow into "City planning? Is that really what I am trying to do here?" Well, I don't know about that. I do recognize that it is a matter of one small idea and scaling up. So, in my own world this was a great opportunity to take it to the next level. Continually looking at recycling /upcycling, repurposing, and also consider non-toxic materials for long term garden use. ... this was my chance to get into the dirt.

Gardening... another lifetime of learning. .. I am going to need help with this.

Either way, I broke ground for the first time. I put in two drip systems which helped me learn hands on about water pressure and watering plants (plus soil knowledge). I built a structure, added some PVC for a rain feature and waterfall, including a whole hydroponics system on the same structure that has potential to turn into aquaponics. Learning about plants that would work for this system. What do we need? What is helpful for long term sustainability? Then, add the flare. Function first in this case, but the inspiration to make it look awesome rides with me everywhere I go. Another project, another project... Now it is almost time to focus and get back to business however I feel a shift. I believe this is part of the business. I have been designing these systems for so long, they feel they have always been part of the landscape and therefore I am challenging myself to continue on this path as my evolution. I realize from the outside, I have not incorporated this skillset into my portfolio at this point.

Going into quarantine, I thought, this is a perfect time to play and tune into myself, coming out, I've created more lifetime's worth of work ahead. Oh the fun!

This is my mindfulness practice. My evolution in following my inspirations and applying it. My natural instinct consider our needs as a community and as a world. Sustainable solutions are needed everywhere. Conscious design and structure are critical to the future. Art is always available to enhance your space and creation is required to find solutions., As someone who feels very strongly that we need to keep the health and wellness of our people and our land at the forefront of our creation process. I step forward. A student of the universe.

All love.


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