Peer down the rabbit hole.

Here we are, coming up on a year of the world with COVID, and our outrageous political climate this past year. Feeling all the uncomfortable feelings of watching the world we knew fall apart into the past. I look intently at my needs, my values, and the needs and values of the people around me. I am a witness to "culture" and the changes it manifests overtime. The idea of psychological warfare as demonstrated in our virtual space. I look inward to find answers on how to navigate forward and I see more and more that the importance of an artist in a community is much more important than we've ever been taught. Self selected to take on this role. Each artist shows up to inspiration with curiosity and courage to look further.

I am finding myself more and more intrigued by this concept of our evolution, our culture, our basic needs as people and how we move forward in a direction that is not destructive, it is life promoting. I recognize that merging the spirit with the art is necessary and optimal space for all creators. "Art" can be anything and everything, it is our ability to take ideas and manifest them into the physical realm. Writers manifest thought forms and inspire visualizations and internal dialogue. Dancers, performers, painters, culinary artists, product producers, designers... Terrance McKenna speaks about the artists that touch on the boundaries of what is acceptable in a culture, and pushes them into realms that are yet unseen. Visionary artists of our time are now doing this for us. Creating imagery in digital art, film, and multimedia to bring forth new ideas of the spirit world. Formulating a wave of beliefs through visual understandings. Wow. What an honor to consider such magic.

In my personal journey, I've used art to see my spiritual beliefs and use it as a spiritual practice of coping with life by creating images that fulfill an understanding of the self beyond what we see and do in our daily life. Now, as an installation artist, I use recycled and repurposed materials to create multimedia art forms that prove and manifest a reality where our waste is limited because we have become so creative, there are solutions to utilize what we have to morph into the new. Where the future comes to us in creative ways of inspiration and technology to help us take big strides into areas we may have never explored without an artist to conceive of the ideas. I am so grateful to the culture of Burning Man for providing this to me. The validation that we can be outrageous, and radically expressive within our civic duty. To treat everyone as a creative participant and sharing knowledge and visions. To enhance the vision and provide direction. Each new idea is a navigational tool, to peer down the rabbit hole and change direction as needed. It is crucial that all of us creatives peer into the spirit world and develop "radical" ideas of unity, and safety, and fulfillment of al basic needs to each member of our community no matter their status.

How we use our skills is up to us including growing in understanding of our participation (or lack of) in our communities. To honor our talents and follow our inspirations to fulfillment and within that, we become navigators. We are pointing into new directions with every image and thought form we present to the world. What a gift!

Maybe the Age of Aquarius is truly the artist realm of disseminating knowledge from spirit into our reality?

I'm willing to play and find out.

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