The New World

Is it here yet? Is this it?

Adapting and Shifting with the times is consistent. Its true what they say, "the only thing that is consistent is change". I am compelled to keep my perspective in a loving and evolving direction. To see the beauty and the opportunity that we all have to contribute to the world in the best way you know how. When you see a fight, I might see an opportunity to rise above the emotion and utilize our skills to find a better way to solve the problem. That is my job. I am an artist, not a general of an Army. ... If I was, my army would probably be a culture of Aloha. Did you follow the Mauna Kea protests last year? Did you see that protest was not like any other I've seen. Why? .. They dance, and sing, and chant. It is a spiritual stance to be Aloha in the face of adversity. I honor the Kia`i and take heed to the culture that is inclusive and steady with the goals. It is hard, if not impossible to get thrown off and angry. We all know anger and sorrow is part of our human experience, and with that we find emotional intelligence when we understand when and how these emotions become useful and when we need to rise above the emotional plane. This is the "New World" to me. A place where we recognize our flaws and work towards Mental, Emotional and Physical wellness. We all need to get back to the basics and create balance in order to find the right head space to create solutions. There are so many amazing and intelligent people in the world. I have faith that each person is unique and set in the right place at the right time to evolve take responsibility for their role in our community.

Art, is a way of communicating. I express myself as a visionary artist. To have a vision of cohesive and cooperative community. I will hold onto that vision and am motivated to continue to stand firmly in this role.

Bring on this New World of respect, wisdom, and togetherness. Make Love not War.

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